Information and Media Center for Science and Technology (Matsushita Memorial

Science and Technology Information Technology Center (ITC)

Academic Affairs Center

Common Experiment Laboratory of Electrical Electronic Engineering 

Common Experiment Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering

Experiment Laboratory:Various kinds of experimental equipment are installed
in this lab.

Practice Laboratory:Various kinds of metalworking machine tools are installed
in this mechanical factory.

Drawing Laboratory:Drafting room, CAD room, Design room

Department of Basic Education in Science and Technology

Health Center

Student Affairs Center

Keio Yagami Festival Committee

Keio CanDoNet

Keio Coop (Yagami)

Faculty of Science and Technology Alumni Association

Central Service Facilities for Research

Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology (KLL)

International Center

Keio University Intellectual Property Center

Research Education Assistance Center

Advanced Laboratory

Keio Engineering Foundation

Keio Gijuku Harassment Prevention Committee

21st Century COE Program

Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology

Keio University