Schedule for Students

Academic year

Date 2nd Year Student 3rd Year Student 4th Year Student
March Orientation 9:30~ 14:30~ MMR
March Orientation 13:00~
Hiyoshi Campus DB203
April Social gathering 18:00~
Hiyoshi Campus Cafeteria
July Spring term-end examination Spring term-end examination Spring term-end examination
late in July
late in Sep
SD lecturing in turn
October Laboratory guidance draft,
The number of applicants investigation
information session period of time, The questionnaire deadline
October Laboratory guidance, pre-questionnaire(blue), questionnaire, Laboratory open to the public
November Laboratory information session-Laboratory assignment Orientation
November Deadline for pre-survey
(The designated post in front of SD office.)
November 13:00
Announcement of pre-survey result(Notice board(Corridor 26bldg.))
December Deadline for questionnaire(The designated post in front of SD office.)
Final day of laboratory in public.
December 13:00
Public announcement of assignment laboratory(Notice board(Corridor 26bldg.))
January Autumn term-end examination Autumn term-end examination
January 13:00
Deadline for graduation thesis
January Deadline for graduation thesis
(From 13:00 to Time by laboratory that has been appointed or decided)
February Graduation thesis examining meeting
March Graduation ceremony